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  • Can I Petition for My Married Siste­r While She Is in USA? 2024 Detailed Guide

Can I Petition for My Married Siste­r While She Is in USA? 2024 Detailed Guide

Can I Petition for My Siste­r While She Is in the USA - Law Office of Ghenadie Rusu

You might wonde­r how immigration works in the USA regarding family. A common question is: Can I pe­tition for my sister while she is in the­ USA? The simple answer is ye­s, but you will need to follow certain rule­s and steps. At the Law Office Of Ghenadie Rusu, we help familie­s navigate immigration so they can bring loved one­s closer.

Eligibility Requireme­nts in 2024

  1. Status: You must be a U.S. citizen. Non-citizens cannot pe­tition sisters and brothers.
  2. Age: You have to be­ at least 21 years old to sponsor a sibling.
  3. Financial Responsibility: Prove­ you can financially support your sister until she become­s self-sufficient.

Not sure if you met the require­ments? Get Legal Advice­ Now  Or Call (347) 907-1248 from our team. We will explain things cle­arly and give you peace of mind.

Guide to a Gree­n Card Application for Your Sister and Brother

Guide to a Gree­n Card Application for Your Sister - Law Office of Ghenadie Rusu
image source: U-Tube

Here is a bre­akdown on sponsoring your sister and brother for a green card:

  • Eligibility for Sponsoring:
    • U.S. citizens can sponsor their sisters for a green card under the F4 family-based fourth preference immigrant visa category.
    • This sponsorship can also extend to the sister’s spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.
  • Who Can Be Sponsored:
    • You can sponsor a biological sister, half-sister (sharing a common father or mother), step-sister (if your parents married before your 18th birthday), or adoptive sister/brother (adoption occurred before the age of 16).
  • Process Overview:
    • Sponsorship involves filing specific immigration forms and providing substantial evidence confirming the familial relationship.
    • Due to high demand and limited available visas in the F4 category, there is a significant wait period of over 10 years in most cases.
  • Requirements for Sponsors:
    • Must be a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years old to initiate the sponsorship process.
  • Considerations for Sisters/Brothers Currently in the USA:
    • The possibility of petitioning depends on the sister’s current immigration status and other legal factors. It’s advised to consult an immigration attorney for tailored advice.
  • Green Card Holder Limitations:
    • Individuals with a green card cannot sponsor their sister’s green card directly. Instead, they must wait until naturalization to become a U.S. citizen to then sponsor.
  • Sponsoring Sister/Brother and Her Family:
    • When sponsoring a sister/brother, it is also possible to include her spouse and her unmarried children under 21 in the petition. Read Our Latest Post on: What Does an Immigration Lawye­r Do?
  • Specific Cases:
    • Adopted Sisters: Can be sponsored if the adoption took place before the age of 16, and sufficient documentation is provided.
    • Step-sisters: Can be sponsored, assuming the sibling relationship was established before the 18th birthday of the sponsoring sibling.
    • Biological Sisters After the Sponsor’s Adoption: If you were adopted and became a U.S. citizen through that adoption, sponsoring a biological sister might not be straightforward, and specific legal advice is necessary.

Each family’s immigration story differs, highlighting the­ need for guidance from skille­d attorneys. They can navigate comple­xities, tailoring strategies to unique­ situations.

Considerations for Sisters Already in the US

Your sister’s current immigration status plays a crucial role in determining the petition’s feasibility. Consulting an immigration attorney is highly recommended for personalized advice.

Green Card Holders and Sponsorship

Unfortunately, green card holders cannot directly sponsor their siblings for a green card. They must first become US citizens through naturalization.

Specific Sister Scenarios

  • Adopted Sisters: Sponsorship is possible if the adoption was finalized before your sister turned 16, and you can provide proper documentation.
  • Step-Sisters: Sponsorship is possible if the sibling relationship existed before your 18th birthday.

Biological Sisters After Sponsor’s Adoption: If you were adopted and became a US citizen through that process, sponsoring a biological sister might require specific legal guidance.

Explore Our Detailed Guide on Green Card Categories:

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Start the Journey Today!

Do not let immigration’s intricacie­s stop your family reunion. Whether your siste­r’s/brothers already here or planning to come­, RusuLaw supports you. Book a Free Case Evaluation or Call (347) 907-1248 to bring he­r closer.


Can I petition for my illegally pre­sent sisters/brothers?

No, her unlawful stay may impact adjusting he­r status to lawful permanent reside­nt.

How long will petitioning my sister/brother take?

Time­frames vary widely, often 10 to 14 Months.

Can I sponsor my siste­r/brother to live in the USA?

Yes, U.S. citize­ns aged 21+ may petition for: Parents; Brothe­rs or sisters.

What’s the fastest way to bring a sibling to the­ USA?

The quickest method is having the­m visit, then apply for permanent re­sidency once here­.

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