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EB-3 VISA (Green Card) Lawyer

We will represent and advocate for those immigrants facing deportation from the United States

Expert NYC EB3 VISA Lawyer | Get Your EB-3 Green Card in NYC

The path to American residency can be complex; navigating its twists and turns requires expertise and experience. This is why you need a seasoned EB3 visa lawyer to guide you. Located in the heart of New York, The Law Office of Ghenadie Rusu does not just process immigration applications—we personalize our legal strategy to your unique situation, ensuring you receive the highest level of service and expertise.

Understanding The EB-3 Visa (Green Card)

NYC Expert EB-3 VISA Lawyer | Get Your EB-3 Green Card in NY - Law Office Of Ghenadie Rusu

EB-3 Visa, or visa EB 3, is a pertinent category for professionals with a bachelor’s degree, skilled and unskilled workers who are seeking permanent residence in the U.S. Leveraging our services as your dedicated EB3 lawyer NYC, we can simplify the process and minimize hassle for you.

Why Choose Us as Your EB3 Attorney NYC?

Being one of the top EB3 immigration lawyers in New York City, we bring a human touch to the legal process, understanding your aspirations and striving to make them a reality.

Our personalized approach stands us apart. We are not just your EB3 attorney NYC, but your partners in this journey, preparing every aspect of your EB3 Green Card application to illustrate why you should be welcomed into the US.

Book a Free Case Evaluation with our eb3 immigration lawyer, and let’s discuss how we can help you secure your future in the United States.

Experience Immigrants Can Trust

Experience EB3 Attorney NYC You Can Trust - Law Office of Ghenadie Rusu

Our firm’s record speaks for itself. As the go-to EB3 lawyer NYC, we regard every client’s success story as a testimony to our competence and commitment.

Seize your American Dream. Don’t leave it up to chance – entrust your EB-3 Green Card application to an expert EB3 visa lawyer at The Law Office of Ghenadie Rusu.

Get Legal Advice Now by reaching out to us to schedule a consultation.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

For immediate assistance, Call (347) 907-1248 and connect directly with an expert EB3 green card NYC specialist at The Law Office of Ghenadie Rusu, where your success in securing your American Dream is our business.

EB-3 VISA (Green Card) FAQs

How much does the EB-3 visa cost?

The costs associated with the EB3 visa include several fees, such as the filing fee for the I-140 petition, processing fees, and potentially a fee for adjustment of status if you are already in the U.S. For those going through consular processingI-140 fee: $700 paid by the employer. I-907 fee for premium processing: $1,440 – optional and paid by the employer. I-485 Status Adjustment fee: $1,140 paid by the employee.

What is an EB-3 visa in New York City?

The EB-3 visa is an employment-based immigrant visa category that is designed for skilled workers, professionals, and other workers who possess the necessary qualifications and are seeking employment opportunities in the United States.

Can a lawyer help you get a green card?

Yes, a lawyer can significantly help you navigate the complexities of obtaining a green card, including those applying through the EB-3 visa category.

Is the EB-3 visa hard to get?

Its requirements are less strict than EB1 and EB2 green card visas so it is easy to get EB 3 visa.

How long is the wait for an EB-3?

The wait time for an EB-3 visa is one to three years.

Who qualifies for an EB-3 visa?

To qualify for an EB-3 visa, applicants must fall into one of three categories: skilled worker, professional, or other worker.

Can EB-3 become a U.S. citizen?

Yes, U.S. permanent residents may apply for Citizenship if they have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years.

How do I get an EB-3 unskilled visa?

It require a labor certification and a full-time or permanent job offer from a US employer.

The Law Office of Ghenadie Rusu – Your Pathway to an EB3 Green Card NYC.

Hire us for your immigration needs, and let us champion your dream of becoming a resident in the United States. Our legal team is ready and waiting to provide you with the best legal representation for your immigration needs.

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